Services & Processes

Source Of Shaft Currents


  • Wet steam, product friction , etc.


  • Electrical machine induced voltages and residual magnetism in components.

Prevention and Protection

Reliable Shaft Earthing

  • Use brushes with minimal contact resistance with the ability to maintain reliable contact at all times even in oil splash conditions.

Components Free of Residual Magnetism

  • Ensure ALL components are free of residual magnetism.
  • Specify Gauss levels on new and repaired components.
  • Demagnetise existing machinery during planned outages.

Monitoring Of Shaft Currents


  • Use a scope meter to trend magnitude and wave characteristics.
  • Do not use an RMS Multimeter.

On Line Continuous

  • Use the RDM monitor for on line display and alarming.
  • Download data for further analysis.
  • Connect to SCADA for remote alarming.

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